Baroque and Classical bows for Viola

The baroque models for viola are not exact copies of old bows, as there are no surviving viola bows from that period. The Baroque bows here are adapted from violin bows, and I keep the aesthetic style of the original bows, while adapting the length, graduations, and weight of the bow to match the musical style of the original. I try to imagine what would be the matching  viola bow to the  sound and feel of a certain score or musical style.

From the second half of the 18th century and later, the classical (or transitional, as some call it) period, we have more original bows to base the models upon.

Early 18th century viola bow with clip-in frog (c.1720).
71cm long, made from snakewood. Model adapted from an original violin bow.

viola.ivory.tip.b viola.ivory.frog.b

18th century viola bow.
72cm long, made from snakewood, with screw mechanism.

Classical Viola bow
Ironwood and ebony. Based on an original bow at the RCM collection in London.

Classical bow after Dodd from Ironwood with an Ebony frog.